Human ressources

Settled by a team of passionate professionals, PMGA take advantage of its founders’ experience, know-how and technology regarding permanent magnet generator dedicated to small hydro.  This experience is the best in Europe in terms of number of existing generators. Also owners of Hydro Power Plants for many years, they have a complete knowledge of this market, its technology and its constraints. Their willing was to bring to market an innovative solution combining use of techniques and modern materials, with a simple and robust use for the end user.PMGA got external financing from Languedoc-Roussillon & Oséo (French Innovation service) because of the innovating aspect of its products.

Design & electromagnetic studies : a unique know-how

PMGA design each new generator depending of the characteristics of the HPP (Power, rotation speed, voltage).
This custom design lead to lower losses and an optimization of efficiency


Design & mechanical studies

The generator is then integrated into a mechanical structure taking into account interfaces of the HPP :
– turbine shaft
– base plate
– blade control system

Our know-how is also in sizing and choosing guide and thrust bearing


Assembly in our warehouse

Our teams opeassemblyNos équipes assurent le montage de tous nos alternateurs dans notre atelier basé en France.