PMGA Generators bring many advantages:

PMGA designs a new generator for each customer. Each generator is optimized in order to fit with the requirements and reach high efficiency.

Compacity & weight
using permanent magnet allow to reduce size & weight. Our generators are compact and light.

the rotor is directly driven by the turbine shaft. The generator is directly connected to the grid without frequency convertor.

Production continuity
many mechanical breakdowns can be avoid by the removal of the gearbox.

simplicity of the system, low speed & removal of intermediate components lead to an improved reliability. Magnets have a service life of several dozen of years.

no more losses due to intermediate components : they have been removed. The global efficiency of the system is optimized. These efficiency gains bring additional production during the whole service life of the generator. When the permanent magnet generator replaces an asynchronous generator, efficiency is better, especially for the low loads.

Noise pollution
gearbox and high-speed asynchronous generator are very noisy. Our products can bring a solution to noise neighbourhood problem.

Service life
rotation speed of all mechanical components is low and bring to a moderate wear. The result is less required maintenance.

removal of gearbox system avoid use of oil and grease in big quantity. This is an advantage especially in a aquatic environment.

for the end user, productivity improvement is immediate. They come from the optimization of the generator, improved reliability, better efficiency and increased service life.