Permanent Magnet Generator

A permanent magnet generator is a synchronous generator whose rotating magnetic field is created in the stator’s coils by permanent magnets placed on the rotor. These magnets take the place of coils that are used in conventional technology.
The use of permanent magnets improves the characteristics of the generator : for a given power, a permanent magnet generator is more compact, less heavy and less expensive than a conventional generator. Losses in the rotor are much lower, so the generator has a better efficiency, especially in the low loads.

Permanent Magnets

The permanent magnets used by PMGA in its generators are rare earth magnets. Their type is neodymium-iron-boron magnets, the most powerful magents available at the present time. They are manufactured with ore extracted from the Earth’s crust.
In the last two decades, many rare earth deposit have been discovered in South-East Asia.
Nowadays, more than 98% of rare earth included in magnets come from China.

Origin of Rare Earth

Refusing to export raw ore, China has developped a complete industry in manufacturing rare earth magnets.

Famous chinese magnet manufacturers provide PMGA with magnets that will be embedded in the generator.
These manufacturers follow PMGA’s drawings and instructions concerning shapes, dimensions and grade of the magnets.